Processed Foods Turn Deadly When Taken With Vitamin C

In a deceptive attempt to convince you, as well as to lend a semblance of nutritional intergrity to processed foods, many food companies add vitamin C to their denatured products. For instance, in cereals ,soft drinks, snack foods etc etc.

Health risks.

Believe it or not, those foods can indeed turn deadly. The reason being that many foods e.g. salad dressings, pickles, jellies and so on and so forth contain wicked additives such as the preservative sodium benzoate.

When you mix sodium benzoate with ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C, a chemical reaction ensues and benzene a proven carcinogen is given off. And can you believe it, Oh Lordy! Even the FDA recently tested 84 different soft drink products and found that at least 54 of the total were giving off benzene. Indeed some of the soft drinks had benzene way way off the charts, so to speak, with benzene levels at least fifteen times what the good folks at the EPA allow in your drinking water. And you wonder why the nation of the free and the brave is sick most of the time or is it all the time, as attested by the Multiple billions of dollars spent on the useless drugs that are masquaraded as curative but designed to pick your pocket and keep you on the merry-go-around of merely hoping to get well if you just buy some more.

Dear reader, Who benefits?
And you can readily see that “For lack of knowledge in truth, the people perish”.

There is no question that lately, the statin drugs have conclusively been proven to be a fraud on the public. Simply put, deliberately and surreptitiously making a nation sick is Big business indeed.
And how about this other shocking fact, even though the law says that your drinking water should have less than 5 ppb of benzene, there is no legal limit on benzene in manufactured beverages. Reader, your author is not at all convinced that, that is an oversight. Please, go back and read that paragraph again.

Furthermore, there are simple technical modalties available that can be applied to ensure toxic chemicals cannot find their way into your drinking water, and doing so at the source, not forcing you to spend your money on kitchen and shower filters.

Do not eat it.

Check the labels on your processed foods and beverages. If it contains sodium benzoate, throw it out. Of course it can be disguised as a flavor. Therefore, you can do better by avoiding processed foods and beverages altogether. Do not allow convenience to turn into laziness and thus compromise your health. Without good health, you have nothing. If nature did not make it, do not eat it.