Designer Dogs – Mutts or a New Breed?

What’s the difference? “Breeders” with a superiority complex often use these terms wrongly, without really understanding what they mean. Then, their ignorance spreads like a cancer, via websites and gossip, and you the public end up being misled. The resulting individual dog looks the same, or almost the same, right? The difference actually isn’t in what the resulting puppy/dog looks like. It’s in the underlying health of the animal. It’s in the practices of the breeder.

Designer Dog~ If I were to go to an online puppy market or the newspaper, and just get the cheapest “purebreds” of different breeds, stick them together and charge amazing prices for the cute offspring… that is a designer dog and nothing more. It may not have health problems, but then it might have big, expensive problems when it’s older. Like diabetes, that needs expensive insulin. You might even have to give the dog prozac, or other medications to control messed up behaviors.

Mutt~ Two dogs, purebred or mixed parentage, hook up with or without help… that’s a mutt. Unknown parentage, unknown behavior.

New breed~ Both parents are of a “recognized” breed that has bred true (consistent) for generations. Both parents were chosen for health BEFORE considering price, they have both been tested for the one or two most prevalent genetic diseases within their prospective breeds (all “breeds” have problems, don’t let the person trying to sell you a dog tell you any different!) The breeder has at least a rudimentary understanding of genetics and has considered the parents carefully for all dominant and recessive traits within the parent’s backgrounds, and choses matings carefully based on the probable results. The breeder produces the first generation litter, and if pleasing, retains a puppy for a second generation breeding with another unrelated hybrid of this particular cross. On this second generation, the breeder, if competent, notices an increase of conformity within his/her litter. This second generation is then taken and bred appropriately to either a hybrid or a “purebred” of the original breeds. This continues until 100% uniformity of litters is achieved. It is then a “breed”, and can apply for breed status if that is the goal.

All “breeds” started off as hybrids. I don’t know if these early pioneers in breed development encountered the snottiness and superiority complex of today’s breeders of “purebreds”… especially those that belong to the big commercial registry that claims to care about the “intergrity” of the breeds and the health of the dogs. (nothing could be further from the truth!) Having been a show breeder that developed my own memorable line within only six years, I can attest to the lying, back biting and cheating of these so called ‘elite’ breeders. Not to mention the ‘elite’ registry, that when it comes down to it, cares far more for their bottom line and shareholders then the dogs, registering anything with four legs even if it has faked papers or genetic disorders, which happens far more often then you think. Do you suppose when a dog passes away that those ‘elite ABC’ papers are thrown away in all cases? Especially if that dog was a champion whose puppies are worth a lot of money? I saw so much cheating in this world of “purebreds” it made me sick.

TotalMD – The Advantages Of Using This Affordable Practice Management Software

I have been a medical biller and software trainer for 20 years. My clients want value for their money, so I am always on the lookout for better medical billing software with great features and a low price tag. We use several practice management systems in our billing service including Medisoft, AdvancedMD, and TotalMD. These are all great systems, but that hasn’t stopped me from my quest for that perfect software. TotalMD has the same great price and ease of use as Medisoft does, however, it has some other advantages that are not as obvious.

Let’s review the features that everyone wants:

Ease Of Use

Time is a precious commodity in a medical office or billing service and easy to use, intuitive software saves time. I like software features that do not require you to walk around the block to get next door. TotalMD foots the bill in this regard. It has all the features you need and is simple to use and requires very little training.

Great Price

TotalMD is very reasonably priced and does not require upgrades in order to obtain support. And just as important, the training and support fees are very reasonable.

Now, let’s take a look at some other features that not all software users think of:

Great Technical Support

Everyone needs technical support once in a while and no one wants to spend a lot of time on the phone, on hold, waiting to resolve a problem. TotalMD is very responsive and really delivers in this area.

Remote Access

TotalMD is a desktop solution but it also offers an ASP model. Medical billing services will appreciate this flexibility because many of their clients want to share the data from any location.

Connectivity To Other Software

This is an important requirement that doesn’t receive enough consideration and it is where TotalMD excels. The software provides integration on several levels which offers more choices to a practice or billing service.

Electronic Health Records

The connectivity to EHR (electronic health records) systems is really important. Unfortunately, some practices only discover this as a potential problem after they have already made a software purchase. TotalMD has free, built-in HL7 capability that allows it to integrate with or “talk to” popular EHR software like SpringCharts, Praxis, Amazing Charts, and others. What is HL7? It’s a function that passes data elements from the practice management system to the EHR system. This important feature offers providers more choices in electronic health records software.

A medical office may like their practice management software, however, it may not integrate or link with the EHR of their choice, in which case, a third party HL7 (linking) software may be needed. Things can get complicated when two to three vendors are involved in coordinating installations and technical support. This may result in added expense and can be time consuming for the user.

Medical Coding Software & Other Add-Ons

TotalMD also intergrates seamlessly with several other well known products. You can look up CPT and diagnosis codes using Encoder Pro medical coding software. There is also credit card processing available by Intuit or X-Charge at very affordable rates. This service is a time saver because it works seamlessly with the software.

Electronic Processing

With TotalMD, electronic billing can be handled using any clearinghouse. The user is not limited in this respect. My favorite is the electronic remittance posting feature. You can download your 835 ERA files from ANY clearinghouse and post them with ease in TotalMD. Insurance verification is also a very valuable feature that can be integrated into the patient scheduler using either Gateway or Apex clearinghouses.

Document Manager

This is another well integrated product. If your electronic records requirements are minimal, TotalMD also has a very reasonably priced document manager. This easy-to-use software allows your office to organize, capture and store:

(1) patient insurance cards, driver’s licenses and ID cards
(2) patient signatures on your own financial, privacy and patient release forms
(3) all printed documents
(4) mail merge templates for letters and forms.

TotalMD is an all around great product and the vendor is a pleasure to work with. Affordability and ease of use are critical, however, technical support and product integration are also really high on my priority list, and TotalMD delivers.

UGG Boots – Better Investment for Chic and Classy Looks

Clothing, footwear, bags, watches, hats, etc are definitely investment you make for your appearance. As we all know, what you wear directly speaks for your taste and style. Your mood and attitude are expressed through your look.

Most contemporary persons show stronger desire for fashion and luxury. They become more sensitive about how they look. Keeping an eye on changes in the fashion kingdom, they always transform their appearances stunningly and keep their tastes fitting the hottest fashion sense.

Honestly speaking, it becomes much earlier to finish a trendy appearance in today’ s era. You do not have to shop around or spend a fortune to spice up your look even to please your need for extreme elegance. The large variety of fashion accessories allows you to discover and realize your own style statement quickly. The arrival of E-commerce facilitates your purchase a lot and helps you save a lot. Just make a precise decision on your own personality and shop online.

The trip to create a chic and classy look is always exciting. With some sensitivity, it will never be challenging. Certainly, you must have ever heard of so many shopping tricks and bear them in mind. Most of them do make sense. However, in spite of this, some females still get overwhelmed while facing the large range of dazzling options. Also, some girls break the wallet to get some luxurious suits, yet become so thrifty while selecting footwear.

Girls, be vigilant here! An excellent pair of shoes can sharply enhance your look too. It’ s true lots of inexpensive shoes with obscure logos do look great with most clothes and strengthen your confidence in many occasions even though they are really uncomfortable. Some of them are even fabulous alternatives for branded shoes with heavy price tags. However, what did your feet benefit? Complementing a seemingly elegant look with health put aside must make you lose more. Certainly, it’ s not a must to opt for designer footwear. But it’ s required to go for some comfortable shoes. Let’s face it: it’ s nothing new to see fashion collides with practicality. As fashion elites, designers are compulsory to deal with this. This is exactly the theme embraced by Australian sheepskin boots artists.

This name has not been strange for fashion followers. After the failure on the debut, designers quickly made these shoes’ presences to be felt and loved by people in a large age group. Casting off being considered as ugly shoes, Australian sheepskin boots have become an outstanding collection in the present fashion footwear world. As we know, genuine merino sheepskin in double layers is the main material on these shoes. Such a classy material brings out lightweight footwear with ideal barrier for coldness and heavy moisture. They are not adorned with luxurious embellishments or colors. But those unadorned surfaces look great with various suits anytime. Branded Australian sheepskin shoes boost your taste and confidence, with perfect comfort hidden inside.

Tennessee – Low Cost Yet Classy Lifestyle

Living in Tennessee presents a varied lifestyle for many. Residents enjoy an alternative lifestyle, community lifestyle, family lifestyle, opportunity lifestyle, parenting lifestyle; relationship lifestyle to teen’s lifestyle. And the best part of living in the wonderful state of Tennessee is that you can choose your lifestyle in accordance with your taste and preference.

Here are important focal points about the classic lifestyle of the state:

1) An alternative lifestyle in Tennessee includes the Venus project that is meant to maintain the dynamic equilibrium in human beings. The lifestyles that are counted as the alternative lifestyle in Tennessee are categorized at omplace, science connection, green matters, angel coin, love and pride, urban outings, tipi tarot, Wendi and other websites.

For details on how to make the family lifestyle more lovable in the Tennessee, it’s advisable to use lifestyle themed online resources such as family tree magazine, Venus project; we are family foundation, Alateen, American family safety, concerned united birth parents, centre for successful fathering, OneGreatFamily, sittercity and family on board.

2) The exotic region of Tennessee is famous for the variety of lifestyles that are found there such as the traditional and modern lifestyles. One can find any and every kind of happenings there; for example, the nightlife in Tennessee is categorized as the most chic and happening for party goers; pubs, bars and other places of adult entertainment abound.

3) Tennessee is among the best places available for retirees, as the cost of living is low here. Retired people can afford buy homes at reasonable rates.

4) Tennessee is also the perfect destination for those looking for a rural lifestyle. Residents can also get a taste of world class city life in major cities like Memphis and Knoxville.

5) Tennessee offers world class health services and affordable housing to residents. And one of the best parts of enjoying a Tennessee lifestyle is assisted living: a non- institutional setting promoting individual liberty and dignity for the residents and also encouraging community and family involvement.

6) Another popular benefit in the state is the low cost property that is available here in good numbers. Quality living at a reasonable cost means a sought after place among those looking for a reasonable yet quality lifestyle with the average expenditure on housing, transportation, food and groceries, health care, utilities, clothing and entertainment at about ten percent lower than the national average.

7) Another excellent aspect of living in Tennessee is that the residents are free from a state property tax burden. Their property taxes are usually determined and collected on the basis of the locality. Other beneficial features of living in Tennessee are its low sales tax of about six percents on food ingredients and zero tax on prescription drugs.

8) Tennessee is also famous for its cowboy lifestyle and western way of life. There are dude ranches and guest ranches spread all over Tennessee promoting cowboy lifestyle. You can still see cowboys in their cowboy boots with western gun holster, riding on their horse, herding the cattle and performing other tasks. You can also get a taste of this cowboy lifestyle by visiting these ranches as a tourist or working their as a help during your visit.

With so many tax benefits and low cost of living, Tennessee for sure offers an affordable yet classy lifestyle. Check it out for yourself!