Warm Winter Boots – An Important Investment in Your Mood and Health

Nowadays, higher requirements for fashion and elegance are detected on most people. They seek for accessories that perfectly blend style with practicality, yet never overdo luxury. Lots of fashion-conscious people tend to be more aware about their own fashion styles. They refuse to be blind followers for trend triggered by their favorite celebrities or distinguished designers. To be honest, this is great for the large amount of common people. In order to show their bests or to obtain esteem from surrounding people because of decorous looks, they must be sensible about their personality and taste. But for designers, this change definitely makes them more difficult to please most people’ s needs.

Let’ s face it: most designers do go for sparkling colors and embellishments to cater to fashion devotees’ aspirations for classy or luxurious sense. They are interested in challenging higher heels on stiletto sandals. They show deep enthusiasm in decorating those classy leathers with dazzling hues. It even seems like that visibly ornate traits are fixed rules to speak for something high-class. In such an era when lots of people expect to be special hits in the busy crowd, unique fashion works that break away from those stereotyped design laws are destined to arouse big impacts. So far, this has been proven by Australian sheepskin winter boots.

Sheepskin boots are always considered to make special contributions to today’ s fashion footwear arena. They are crafted on the basis of an understated theme. But be more sensible; you will perceive a kind of stylish, classy and sophisticated sense from that unique gist. All the time, these designers speak for their rich fashion tastes through smooth and unadorned sheepskin uppers. Anything exaggerating or shining seems like becoming a no-no on sheepskin boots. To ideally match their simple motif, wooden beads, intricate tapes and knitting definitely become popular accessories, on which classic sense is perceived. Because of those understated styles, sheepskin boots become wonderful accentuation for any outfit. The wearer always looks stylish and a little elegant because of exposed sheepskin in high-class quality and texture. It’ s even difficult to find an occasion where simple, yet classy sheepskin boots do not fit nowadays.

Designers for sheepskin boots discovered an ideal rest point between traditional and modern fashion sense. Without making these unadorned shoes out of style or overdoing luxurious sense, they really bring faithful mates to everybody in today’ s era. Trend followers can spice up their appearances easily with the wide collection of sheepskin boots from different brands. Additionally, needs from people who attach more importance on practicality on fashion footwear are also delighted by these special hits in the present footwear world. Let’ s face this first: sheepskin snow boots are leading an international trend at present. A vast majority of people especially in Canada and United Kingdom are spotted wrapping their feet with those shoes in winter.

As we all know, high-end sheepskin boots are made from double-layer merino lambskin-an isothermal material that offers feet a comfortable space anytime of a year. When winter approaches, the incomparably excellent function in repelling chill and dampness on merino wool really deserves putting into good use. A dry and snug space around feet created by it is undoubtedly beneficial for your health and mood. Anyway, before trying on a pair by yourself, you will never really understand what is brought to you by today’ s sheepskin boots.

Chaotic Electric – 21st Century Health Hazard

The human body is a magnificent organism. Designed by an all-wise Creator, it’s busy repairing and rebuilding its 75 trillion cells on a continual basis from the moment of conception until the day we die. It’s all about electrical energy, the harmonic electrical system of the body. In this context, the chaotic electrical environment in which we live becomes a serious challenge.

In his book Cross Currents, Dr. Robert Becker shares his research on the electrical system of the human being. He describes a control mechanism that starts, regulates, and stops the healing process. He states his conviction that the escalation of illness and disease in modern society may be due to the bombardment of the body’s harmonic electricdynamics system by harsh man-made chaotic electric frequencies.

Becker’s research on salamanders convinced him that it had what he described as a “repair-loop” that stimulated not only the repair, but also actual replacement of missing body parts. Based on the repair-loop theory (and confirmed through intuited research),  Dr. Becker postulated that the human body also checks out as having similar electrical circuitry also capable of complete cellular repair. A strong immune system is commonly believed to be responsible for keeping the body healthy but intuited research tells us that it is only one part of the twelve-part human Repair Loop, all parts being of equal importance. With this in mind is it any wonder that true wellness is often so elusive.

Again, through intuited research it was discovered that there are four damaging key factors that damage and thereby interfere with the Repair Loop’s role in cellular repair: Severe toxicity, body trauma (including dental trauma, accidents and surgery), emotional trauma and chaotic electrical overload. Although the first three are relatively easy to trace, electrical is not because it’s neither seen nor felt, making it a hidden health hazard.2

The Body Electric

The energy output of the human subtle electrical system can be scientifically measured by using EKG’s (electrocardiograms) and EEG’s (electro-encephalograms). Readouts are possible because of the electro-magnetic-chemical nature of cellular function based on the proper balance of water and electrolytes. A healthy system outputs frequencies between 62 and 68 harmonic hertz. Electric lights, operate at 60 chaotic hertz, are quite capable of causing severe damage to, and even destruction of, the human harmonic system that is “us”.

One aspect of the chaotic vs. harmonic electric phenomenon is the potential accumulation by the cells of harmful electrical frequencies, much like a capacitor that collects, stores and emits electric. Slowly and insidiously electric collects to the point of “critical mass”, before a health challenge appears, which seemingly out of nowhere. Years of such accumulated electro-pollution can alter cell function with manifesting multiple symptoms: from headaches, unrelenting fatigue, digestive, heart and colon malfunction to name a few. The cellular mutations of cancer and leukemia can also be traced to the scrambled frequencies of the cells cause by electrical overload.

Edgar Cayce, the renowned psychic of the 30’s taught that each organ of the body has an “electronic-unit of vibration” which is necessary to sustain its physical existence. He taught that this natural electric energy could be changed by “injury, disease, or lack of the elimination of toxins”. Cell damage by chaotic electric was virtually unknown at that time.2

Because we cannot see, hear, smell or touch many of the dangers in our environment today, even when they’re brought to our attention it is easy to disregard the warnings. Chaotic electric is one of those invisible and ignored dangers. We are surrounded by these potentially harmful chaotic frequencies in many forms and all extremely harmful to our cellular harmonic system. Immersing us in a pool of potentially harmful chaotic frequencies.4

According to Dr. Becker, there is no place on the planet that is free of electro-magnetic contamination: television stations, AM and FM radio, short wave transmitters, cell phones, radar devices, electric power transmission lines, the electric wiring in our homes and offices, and “The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program” in Alaska. This is but a tiny piece of a mind-boggling problem- the proliferation of wireless technology with the potential of serious electric and/’or radiation damage to the human body at the cellular level. Scientific studies now show that exposure to microwaves may cause spontaneous mutations and possible genetic effects, immune system dysfunction, brain tumors and brain cancer and much, much more.

In Florida, the “lightning-strike capital of the world”, the moist air tends to hold the charge of the almost daily near lightning strikes. This is another natural phenomenon that can affect the body over a period of time because it adds to the accumulation of chaotic electric resulting in similar symptomology potentially speeding up cellular electrical overload.

There is another inescapable source of natural electric that occurs periodically. NASA scientists at NASA warned us in the fall of 2003 and again in 2008 that the highly charged particles being hurled at the earth from solar flares were a threat to electrical utilities, potentially causing, possible blackouts of voice radio and television communicators. Although they said that there was “no direct threat on the ground because of the earth’s thick atmosphere”. They were wrong.

At the Center, we were fielding calls for the above and more. Margie in her 60’s was frantic because of a racing heart- understandable. The heart is an electrical organ!

Electric overload can also show up as anxiety, disorientation, sleeplessness, or damaged mucus membranes causing nosebleeds, itchy eyes, hypersensitivity, digestive and breathing difficulties.

The latest intuited research shows damage to the covering subtle energy of the brain with symptoms of depression, anxiety unreasonable thoughts, angry outbursts and other personality changes.4

Releasing Electrical Overload

There seems to be little doubt about the devastating effects of exposure to aberrant electric frequencies on the human body is increasing, yet this serious health hazard has not been generally recognized by either the medical community or practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine. If and when this time of electric is recognized as harmful, no doubt the search will be on for a “cure”, which most likely will go, down the path of trial and error that has typically left us with more questions than answers for cancer, diabetes and all the other “incurables”. Such has been the case with cancer, diabetes and all the other “incurables”.

We have seen and believe that answers are to be found in the field of energy medicine. For over a decade we have observed increased well-being through the use of, energy medicine programmed to which appear address electrical disharmony at the cellular vibrational level. The secret might be, the cleansing of the body’s 75 trillion cells to the point that their natural frequencies reach the resonant levels associated with the body’s ability to self-repair.

Clearing the harmful electrical fields is of prime importance in the restoration of cellular coherency/harmonic resonance. Now when the cells are once again able to communicate with each other they can get on with the business of getting us well. Chaotic electric might be the cause of your ill-health and may indeed be a contributing factor in many of the new and strange illnesses of our times. And the new field of harm-free “energy medicine” maybe an answer for you and is offering some valid answers.

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2 Thomas Sugrue, Story of Edgar Cayce: There is a River

3 James Manning and Dr. Nick Bergich, Angels Don’t Play this HARP

4 Carol Rose Keppler, M.EI, intuited research

How to Be Classy and Elegant Without Money

You don’t have to be well dressed or have a lot of money to look and be classy. Class is what comes from the inside. It is your actions, reactions, facial expressions, ability to take a compliment, decline an invitation and overall how you carry yourself in life. I’ve met many women that are brash, rough around the edges and often just downright rude and not ‘lady-like’. On the other hand I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many women who are polite, kind, helpful, are respectful of others, have pleasant facial expressions and certainly do know how to accept a compliment. These rare breeds of women simply make the decision to be classy, with or without money. In my observations and own personal upbringing this is what I have learned…

1. SMILE! Smiling creates a more pleasant environment for those around you and keeps your spirits up too, no matter what life is throwing at you each day.

2. Learn how to take a Compliment. Too many women shrug off another person’s well meaning comments either on their accomplishments, work, beauty, wardrobe, home and the list goes on. They do this with the “it’s no big deal” response and attitude. You work hard every day and commit yourself just like Hollywood celebrities do but they accept their Oscars and Emmy Awards for all of their dedication and accomplishment. Smile, politely say thank you and just feel good about yourself.

3. Nobody likes a Fishwife. If you haven’t heard the expression, I’ll fill you in. The fishwife is the woman who yells for her husband at dinner, screams at her kids and rants until everyone and everything is in order. This is so unappealing. Replace anger, yelling and rage with softness and grace. Calmly ask your children, spouse or friends to do something for you in a polite tone. I’m not suggesting you fake who you are but simply move in a direction that exudes class and respect for those around you.

4. Answer the phone like you would if a hunk was calling. Be polite and simply say “Good afternoon, Jane Smith speaking”. You have greeted the person on the other end and let them know who is speaking. I never like to hear “Hello?!” in an exasperated tone or one that reeks “you called at a bad time, what do you want?” If it is truly a bad time, simply do not answer the phone. Let the machine get it and call back at a more suitable time. You might be liable to say something you wouldn’t otherwise and will likely regret later.

5. Profanity is a No-No. Classy women do not swear and sound like a drunken sailor, it just doesn’t work. They use creative vocabulary or tone down their thought of something terrible. Example: Someone cuts you off in a parking lot and nearly causes a huge accident. Don’t stick your head out the window and say “What the *%$# were you thinking?!” and give them the finger, rather keep it to yourself. No matter how mad you are or how panicked you feel don’t lose your temper and cuss. Not only is this not lady-like (nor is it man-like, just plain rude) and if you had your kids in the car they’re likely to repeat it.

6. Don’t get drunk. Celebrating with friends and family with a couple of glasses of wine isn’t a sin, if you can handle it. Getting drunk at a party then dancing on the table singing is just so trashy. You won’t like what people say about you and what they recall later. It just isn’t worth it! Classy women know their limits, drink within them and when they reach their limit they drink sparkling water, soda water with lime etc. to mingle with the crowd but not cause an accident on the way home.

7. Your Wardrobe Matters. You don’t need to have a lot of money, or any for that matter to be a classy woman. Simply always take pride in what you do own, put on your best face and go out into the world. If your clothes have threads hanging and a stain you could not get out and a tear in the seam of your pants it is obvious that you lack the pride that others take. Always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed with no threads, rips, stains or fading. Instead neatly put together an outfit that you know looks good and throw on a few basics: mascara, lipstick (or gloss), and a bit of blush.

8. Speak Eloquently. There is no need to speak in slang. Learn the English language properly and try your best to use it and your best vocabulary daily. You were given a brain and have had education, let your words exude that too. Form your words fully. Accent or no accent people want to understand what you are saying. Speak clearly and form your words fully.

9. Turning down a request. There are times in life where we are simply too tired, not interested or don’t have the financial wherewithal to take part in an upcoming event or in someone’s request. Most women just say okay, I’ll do it or I’ll be there because they don’t want to be perceived as rude. There is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself, just ensure you express it the right way. Example: Your grandmother asks you to take some items she has stored for you as she knows she is moving to a retirement home soon and you just don’t have the room and do not like them anyway. Simply say “Grandma, these are definitely some neat treasures. I would love to but I just can’t.” This does not leave room for discussion on how big your apartment is, or what taste you have. If she asks again, repeat the same words. “I would love to but I simply can’t”.

10. Walk Proudly. Whether you are entering or leaving a room, grabbing some quick groceries or pumping gas, hold you head up high. I’m not kidding. Hold you head up high, shoulders back, lengthen your spine and tuck your tummy in. Gracefully walk to your destination always with purpose. Classy women always appear as though they have just landed in from Paris and are only in town for 2 days to grace you with their presence. You have accomplished a lot to date. You need to show yourself strong, confident and proud. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel about yourself and how many heads will turn.

11. Nail your Nails. There is nothing worse than seeing someone with dirty fingernails. It says a lot about their health and personal hygiene and how much they care about themselves. Yellowing, chipped and ragged nails at any length are not good. People see your face and hands no matter how much of the rest of you is covered up. Keep your nails at a short, neatly kept length. Seeing the whites of the nails is important, so keep those! Invest in a pair of nail clippers and keep them cut regularly. Keep a file on hand in your purse should a nail break. Avoid the yellowing nails get by leaving nail polish off your nails for periods of time, use baking soda and lemon juice and soak them if you have this problem. Once filed and given a basic buff, use 2 coats of neutral polish like a natural pale pink. My favorite is Mademoiselle by Essie. Use a topcoat to prevent chipping and off you go. French manicure is most classy if you can afford to have it done professionally. Thankfully after painting my nails for 20 years I’ve mastered the art of doing my own perfect French manicure. If you have dark chipping nail polish you are better to take it off completely and wear nothing or a coat of clear or neutral then go out like that. The same holds true for toe nails and pedicures. Your toes will hold polish for 3-4x as long so you can leave this longer and do some spot touch ups when necessary.

12. Be clean and Hygienic. There are too many women making time for TV, shopping, cleaning and everything under the sun but who do not properly care for themselves. Classy women are not dirty. They don’t sleep with all their makeup on at night and they brush and floss regularly, and take care of their health. Firstly, showering daily is a must. Being clean is not for everyone else who smells you but it is so that you feel clean and fresh and ready to give your best. Secondly, you should wash you hair bare minimum every other day. If you are leaving it longer than that your hair will start to get greasy and clumpy looking (usually at the back of your head where YOU don’t look). I see it all the time in the workplace, a woman dressed well and her makeup looks pretty but her hair is dirty, it ruins the whole thing. There are some times where you cannot prevent it as you woke up late, no worries, just wear your hair up so it is less conspicuous.

Health Spas in South Africa – What Makes Them Unique?

Imagine a smoked ginger and crimson skyline towering down over a diverse natural landscape of wild flowers, untamed wildlife and restless waters. Imagine lying gazing at this distinct setting whilst enjoying the pampering and revitalization that goes along with South African traditional customs and massage techniques. A spa experience in South Africa has often been viewed as being one of the most unique and beautiful experiences that one can wish for. So what makes it so unique and what can one expect at a South African spa?

Spas in South Africa can be simple, uncomplicated and traditional as well as both sophisticated and chic. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. Spas are either set in safari or remote country settings or in classy city or beach hotels. However, it is not only the diverse settings which capture the attention of travelers worldwide, but the fusion of customs and traditions into the spa techniques and treatments. A number of South African spas utilize traditional oils and plant extracts in their treatment products and a great emphasis is placed on age old remedies and secrets.

A truly unique and not to be missed experience can also be found within the beautiful wine lands of South Africa. It is here where you can experience Vinotherapy, an innovative treatment originating in France that utilizes grapes and wine to assist in preventing or assisting in the effects of anti-aging. The antioxidants as well as other properties of the grape are highly beneficial for the skin and for this reason the ingredients has been utilized in massages, full-body exfoliations and hydrotherapy treatments. With South Africa, boasting some of the best wines in the world, a day of wine tasting and Vinotherapy may just be the treat you have been waiting for.

A number of spas also provide you with a complete African experience. You can expect African dances, food and celebrations incorporated into your day or stay at some of the spa destinations in South Africa. The spa experience becomes one of the elements of your experience and allows you to experience both the African culture and the African therapist’s skilled techniques and products. If you are staying over at the spa, you may even be able rest in a traditional yet elegant African hut. This is a wonderful option if you are looking for both serenity and for a place to reflect in an uninterrupted natural setting.

Those of you seeking more sophistication and modern elegance will also find yourself spoilt for choice at some of the many exclusive spa destinations and resorts. Gaze down at the city nightlife from your treatment suite or relax for a day in spas boasting top of the line facilities and therapists. These classy spas can be found both in the city and in the more remote areas of South Africa, so your selection would be based purely on personal choice.

Nonetheless, South Africa is a spa crazy country which promises to offer an array of spa destinations as well as unique experiences. If you wanting to truly experience African culture at its best, booking into a South African destination spa or resort and choosing between the many traditional and natural spa products could set you on the right path.